In a broad sense, I have the qualities of a strong, flexible, and straightforward human being. I am very passionate about my dreams & ambitions and will garner all the efforts I can conjure up to achieve them. I believe that good enough isn’t good enough if it can be better, and better isn’t good enough if it can be best.

August, 2020

My Projects

The Capstone Project : Sign-Language-App

Interrupting the communication barrier with a sign language app powered by machine learning to help communicate between people who don’t know sign language and people who have hearing disabilities.

July, 2021


A Blog where everyone can interact socially, post photos, comments, and follow other bloggers. It is a place where you can express yourself and let other people in as followers to rejoice in your experience.

April, 2020

Simple Neural Network

C++ implementation of a Neural Network that takes input and approximates the original output by manipulating the weights and biases.

December, 2021

FCrawlBot: Social Scraper

A web scraper that scrapes websites with the help of a web app. Currently being modified to scrape social networks such as Facebook, Twitter.

January, 2022


I am using GitHub to host my very own website. It will showcase my work and there will be a personal blog section. This website uses an HTML5 UP template.